Tuesday, January 05, 2010

1/1/10 Ride

Happy New Year! Guess I need to start updating this blog more than once every 9 months. :)

Went on the New Years Day ride with a lot of local cyclists (I'm guessing about 70 or 80), and had a great time. We started at Beach park and rode the Round Mountain loop to its peak. Lauren and Kathy were kind enough to be serving hot chocolate, which was a nice treat as it was a bit chilly.

About 35 miles that day.

1/2 (Saturday) got in another ride with Richard Stewart and some of the other "Slow Spokes". This is a group that rides at a comfortable (10-12mph tops) pace, great for new riders and those of us who are out of shape (waving hand wildly). About 22 miles.

Goals for this year:

* Ride more. All year. Part of this is going to be commuting to work on a regular basis.
* Watch what I eat. Weight is creeping back on, need to drop 10-15 lbs.
* Have more balance in my life - rather than just work and be a semi-professional couch potato. :)

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