Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Back in the saddle again...

It was tough to motivate myself to get on the bike this morning. Sure, I made sure my clothes were packed and my lunch was ready to go, but I was tired from staying up late (one of my kids woke up at 10:45, having a bad dream) and hopping in the truck was definitely appealing.

But, I remembered that I am beginning to put on weight again (from not eating as well as I should, and not exercising).

And, I remembered how much it cost to fill up yesterday (At the ARCO on 24th, 20 gallons @ $2.789 / gallon = $55.78 yikes!).

Finally, I remembered that the Alta Sierra Challenge, Lung Ride, and other rides are coming up quickly.

These facts, plus the comfort in knowing that it wouldn't be too cold this morning (I got away with wearing leg warmers and a windbreaker, and was plenty warm) got me out on my trusty bike.

On my way to work, met a nice guy named Mario who was commuting to his job on the east side of town. We rode together for a mile or two, talking about work and riding. He's a much more accomplished rider than I am, it would have been interesting to learn more about his experience racing. (He was riding a very nice bike, while I was riding my very retro touring bike.)

You can meet some nice people out on your bike. :)

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