Thursday, February 22, 2007

Weather Woes(?)

With an 80% chance of rain this afternoon, I can't help but wonder what my ride home will be like. I'm not too worried about the bike - I still have my fenders on, have my lights, and plastic bags for all the items in my rack pack and panniers - but am a little worried about my clothing.

For my torso, I should be OK. I have a PVC rain jacket that should keep me fairly dry. Gloves - well, they're not too waterproof, so I guess my hands are going to get wet.

For my legs and shoes... Soak city, I'm sure. The fenders should help keep the water out of my shoes, but nothing I'm wearing is terribly water repellent. So, while it's an 80% chance of rain, let's hope that it doesn't come down too hard...

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