Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Put thousands of $$$ into your pocket each year!

Ditch your car, or go car-lite (drive part-time). To get to work, you could - walk, jog, bike, ride the GET Bus (don't laugh -more professionals do it than you might think!)...

Your rewards:
  • No car payments
  • No car maintenance - oil changes, tires, filters & belts, tune-ups, etc.
  • No insurance payments
  • No gas - just think how much alone this would save you!
Recommended reading (links provided to Kern County Library catalog):

Divorce Your Car, by Katie Alvord - This book is definitely written from a liberal perspective (I personally find the whole concept of divorce to be morally wrong, but I digress), but has a good amount of history about the automobile, how it came to dominate the American culture, and ideas on how to dump your car. A longer read, but very interesting nonetheless. She has some very good ideas.

How to Live Well Without Owning A Car, by Chris Balish - I like this guy - his book is short and to the point, showing you how much money you can save by not owning a car. You could read this book in an evening (or lunchtime) or two. Highly recommended - if you'd like to learn more about this particular title, or read the first two paragraphs online, visit Chris' website.

As a side note - Chris' book has a quote from Kiril, a very cool guy who also has his own website, The Cycling Dude. In addition to being a very nice guy... He's also a fellow conservative. So, there are at least two of us out here in cyberspace. :) Anyway, check out his blog - it rocks!

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