Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How about a nice little bike ride?

Last weekend, I met a friend (whom I had previously completed the Lung Ride with) and we did the 56 mile Tour de Palm Springs. (There were 5, 10, 25, and 100 mile routes available as well.)

We decided on the 56 because it's still early in the riding season, and we didn't want to completely torture ourselves by doing a century. The day was very nice - high 50's when we started the ride, and averaging in the mid 80's (with a couple of spikes into the low 90's!). It was warm, no doubt, but a welcome change from riding in the cold.

The ride benefited a number of local charities, and had a special "Honorary Cyclist" - Monty Hall. Now, you see some celebrities participating in charitable events, and you can just tell that they'd rather not be there. Monty wasn't that way at all. He stayed for a long time at the pasta feed on Friday evening, and was around to see all of the groups of riders off on Saturday morning as well. (I was hoping to get the opportunity to shake his hand and thank him for his participation, but settled for having him wave to me as I headed out on the ride.)

Anyway, Monty seems like a genuinely nice guy. He looks great and is in great shape for his age (he bounded right up the steps to the stage at the pasta feed!), and has raised hundreds of millions for charity. What a great example - today's stars could take a lesson from him.

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