Friday, February 02, 2007

Thanks for not squishing me, buddy!

So, I'm commuting to work Wednesday morning (westbound down Hageman), and I get to the point where the lane narrows down for the single left-hand turn lane. Having been buzzed by before, I make it a point to take the lane for the 10 or 15 seconds it takes me to get through there and start my turn, then swing wide to let everyone past.

This morning, I proceed as described - no problem, guy behind me is giving me some room and seems to understand what I'm doing. Then, all of a sudden I hear this engine speed up and come around on the right! That's right, some bonehead in a dark green Toyota Tacoma decided that he wasn't going to wait and cut around me to the right.

I pointed at him and gave him a thumbs down, and yelled something like "that's real nice, buddy", but I doubt the guy got it. He was in his 50's and obviously the 10 or 15 seconds would be an imposition to wait for me.

Thanks for not squishing me, buddy. Perhaps it's time for you to read the California Vehicle Code - bicycles have the same rights as motorists! Why not show some common courtesy, and make both of our commutes safer?

Not that I wish ill upon anybody, but the section he drove through had a bunch of trash in it. Maybe he'll get a flat.

Update - 2-2-07 - took the same route in this morning, and the guy in a white Ford full-sized pickup was patient. He obviously "got" what I was doing. Thank you for driving safely!

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