Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Still cold, but better today!

Finally figured something out - you've got to keep your body's core warm, otherwise the rest of your body is not going to be warm.

This morning, in addition to my short-sleeved jersey and windbreaker that I usually wear, I wore a polypro jacket sandwiched between the two. As a result, my fingers got cold but were not freezing like they were the other day. (My torso is another matter - I was quite hot when I got to work, so I'll have to be more proactive in adjusting my zippers (for added ventilation) next time.

Because my fingers were cold, I still need to invest in better gloves. (Didn't make it by Action Sports last night, drat.) But, they're much better now so that's good. Probably would help to eat a little something before I head out to work, to give my body some fuel to burn.

Definitely cooler in the central part of town where I work (by Bakersfield Memorial Hospital) - no ice at my house in the northwest, but things were icy in spots around there.

Ride safe...

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