Saturday, January 13, 2007

Slow Spokes ride

Have you been wanting to get out to go for a group ride, but are worried about keeping up with the spandex-clad, hard-core roadies that keep a 20mph pace? Never fear, Slow Spokes are here!

Slow Spokes is the title given to a (usually) weekly Saturday ride, led by Dick and Jo (his wife). They cover short distances (the one I went on today was from the parking lot by the bike path @ CSUB to Enos lane and back, about 20 miles) on mostly flat terrain, and keep an average pace of 8-10 miles per hour. They ride a blue Ibis tandem

While this is a lot slower than my usual cruising speed, I went because Dick and Jo and fun to hang around with - they been riding for many years, and knows a lot about cycling gear, nutrition and training. Being a slow paced ride, I geared down and worked on my cadence (note to self - you can't really spin that good at 100rpm yet!), enjoyed the scenery (saw many hawks, ducks, egrets and pelicans, a road runner, and a good sized coyote looking for a meal!), and just enjoyed the chilly day.

We were the only ones today, but the other ride I went on (June of last year) had 6 or 7 riders total. Again, it's a great way to get into riding - it doesn't matter what you ride, with this group you'll fit right in. For more information, click here and look for the rides listed with the "SLOW SPOKES" heading.

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