Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year, New Blog

Hello everyone, and happy new year to you all! (At this point, that would be the three people that read this blog, including myself.)

You may know me as The $200 car guy. However, with that phase of the life over with, it's time to write about something different. I came up with a few ideas:

Should I write Mexican restaurant reviews - nope, already covered. (Someone needs to tell this homeboy to use a light when he rides at night!)

Hmmm... How about blogging about my life? Naw, my life is too boring and besides, it's already covered by umpteen million writers in BlogLand. (One of the more entertaining blogs here.)

So, what to write about? How about something I'm passionate about - bicycling. Every once in a while, I'll post regarding my riding experiences, including bike commuting, weekend rides, and various other rides (including the Lung Ride in May). On occasion I'll post a photo or two that I find interesting, as well as information regarding my involvement with the Kern Wheelmen and Bike Bakersfield

Thanks for checking in!

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Larry said...

nice to see you keeping at it.

larry - bikebakersfield