Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bike Bakersfield Needs You!

I received this email from Bike Bakersfield this afternoon:

It is January and we are kicking off our 2007 membership drive. Now is the time to join Bike Bakersfield and encourage your friends, family and coworkers to join as well. We have a lot of exciting programs in store for 2007 and we need your support! Several programs we are going to be strongly promoting this year are: Bike to work, the Safe Routes to School program, bike rodeos, as well as establishing bike clubs into our local high schools. Your continued support gives us the ability to advance these programs and seek out other new, bike advocacy programs. Your support is key to the continued success of Bike Bakersfield.

This past year was a huge success for Bike Bakersfield. We believe that we have definitely increased bicycle awareness here in Bakersfield. Programs such as the Bike to Work program and Safe Routes to School are building steam and expanding. Our bike kitchen is growing and has already helped more than 120 people obtain a bike who might not have been able to by other means. Our first Saturday of the month rides are always fun, and we have joined with several other groups for different rides. One ride was the Christmas Lights & Bikes Ride through Haggen Oaks. It was a tremendous fun and everyone had a good time. We were even on the news! Last year's May Bike month was great. Our largest event for May, Party in the Park, went great. We had bike jousting and battle bikes, food and music. It was a blast and we are looking forward to an even larger success this May. These are only a few of the events that Bike Bakersfield had a large impact in our community, but rest assured there will be more!

All these events, and everything we have planned for this upcoming year are made possible by your continued support. Being a non-profit group, we rely upon you to help us in sponsoring the funding for events and activities. So please continue to support to Bike Bakersfield. Thank you once again for your backing!

Eric O'Connor
Events and Membership Director
Bike Bakersfield
ph - 661.321.9247
fx - 661.321.9251

I would would strongly encourage you to support this organization. They promote the use of the bicycle for everyday transportation, and even welcome conservative types such as myself. :) You can join for as little as $25.00 - less than fifty cents a week!

Please support Bike Bakersfield...

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